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False Dawn #24: Reminiscence

In every darkness, there's a sliver of light.

False Dawn #24: Reminiscenc
Plot for 20 Pages
Comic Book Script
Devin Leigh Michaels

Note to Letterer: All narrations are Connor’s.

1—Extreme close-up on a Caucasian male hand holding the back of a “white”—a pale-skinned woman’s naked back.
NARR: There are times I remember NOTHING, like the last two millennia have been nothing but a college student’s drunken haze.

2—Close up on their naked feet, entwined in one another’s under a blanket.
NARR: Then, there are times I remember EVERYTHING, like one of those people who can remember the exact date he/she first ate a bubble gum jelly bean.

3—Mid-shot, bird’s eye view of the bed with Lasantra’s head upon Connor’s chest. Connor’s looking directly up at the camera, his eyes and expression troubled. Both are naked but tastefully so. Teens might read this. (Also, Connor is wearing a necklace— a sun with dragon claws for sunrays.) Setting: Connor’s apartment. It’s pretty plan with dark wood boards, a shabby bed with frayed beddings to match, a table, a black diamond hearth with a blue fire burning, and a few lanterns lighting the room burning with blue fire as well. Connor’s and Lasantra’s clothes are thrown about the room—Connor’s jeans, T-shirt, and an Indiana Jones jacket; Lasantra’s black cargo pants, skin-tight black shirt, and black boots.
NARR: Then there are times like these when I WANT to remember everything.

1—Close-up on Lasantra as her lithe fingers draw circles on Connor’s chest.
LASANTRA: I hate you.
NARR: It’s times like this when I wonder…what the hell did I do WRONG in my life?

2—Extreme close-up on Connor’s eyes as he looks up at the ceiling.
CONNOR: Of course you do.

3—Back down to Lasantra, who’s face is scrunched in fury. Her hand is now a fist.
LASANTRA: You’re like a battery.
CONNOR (off): You’re like an ice cube.

4—Now Lasantra is up, her faces inches from Connor’s. She’s smiling seductively.
LASANTRA: You’ve melted this ice cube.

5—They kiss passionately, eyes closed, romantic-style.

1—She pulls away, heading toward the edge of the bed.
LASANTRA: Even after this…I won’t help you.

2—Connor grabs his shirt off the night-stand.
CONNOR: I know.

3—They sit with their backs to each other on the bed, Connor pulling up his pants, Lasantra pulling on her shirt. Camera positioned to the left side of the Connor, so we see Lasantra’s back but Connor’s front.
LASANTRA: So don’t ask.
CONNOR: I’m not.
LASANTRA (linked): Good.

4—Now dressed in her warrior gear, Lasantra’s standing in the doorframe. She has her back to the camera, her head dipped in resignation.
LASANTRA: Connor…he will KILL you…if you go see him.

5—Connor has his back to her as well, pulling on a dark, leather bomber jacket.
CONNOR: I have to do this. Bergener has my sister, is after my nephew, my son and daughter. What do you expect me to do? HUNT them down and HAND them over to the Skadoian Lord? I’m not like you.

1—Connor glares at her as he tugs off his necklace—a sun with dragon claws for sunrays. His eyes are narrowed.
CONNOR: I’m not a pawn.

2—Lasantra smiles saucily again.
LASANTRA: You’re MY pawn.

3—In Connor’s hand grows his sword (from his necklace).
CONNOR: You REALLY want to get on my BAD side, don’t you?

4—Leaning against the doorway, Lasantra averts her eyes, her arms crossed in defiance. Her face is uneasy.
LASANTRA: He spends most of his day down in the LAB with Kalidas. If you’re going to find him in the castle, it’s going to be there.

5—Lasantra’s turns to leave again. Camera’s positioned in front of her. Over her shoulder, Connor reaches for her.
CONNOR: Lasantra.

1—Similar panel. Connor is no longer reaching her, his hands (and sword) to his sides, his face troubled as he looks away.
CONNOR: Thank you.

2—Lasantra walks out the door.
LASANTRA: Connor...if you get him to listen, tell him this. Lance—he’s MINE.

3—Bottom tier, establishing shot, bird’s eye view—Camera’s positioned over the city. It’s night (always is in Skadoia). The medieval city appears to be in the left hand side of the panel. Houses and stores are still made of hay, mud, and wood siding, and they hunch together before the looming castle with its ashlar curtain wall and keep. The city is illuminated by only lamplight with blue fire. (See below for references.)
NARR: I don’t tell Lasantra the TRUTH.
NARR: Lance was never HERS, despite her connection to him.
NARR: But she gave me what I needed to know.

1—Close-up on sneakers as they run down a cobblestone street.
NARR: Of course, she could have been lying.

2—Full tier shot of a Skadoian street with medieval houses and store fronts. It’s empty this time of the night, but Connor’s in the right side of the panel as he ducks into an alley. He’s dressed in sneakers, jeans, and an Indiana Jones jacket.
NARR: She does that every now and then, but this time she brought up Lance. For her to even say his name…

3—Connor stays in the shadows, his back pressed against the building’s edge. Even in the darkness, his blonde hair and blue eyes glow.
NARR: …yeah, she’s crazy, and I’m out of place.
OFF: Ready?

4—Connor is in the foreground, and we follow his gaze toward Skadoians—woman, men, boys, and girls. Pale skin tones. Ice colored eyes. The teens have brown hair. The adults all have black tinted with ice blue. They are dressed in different outfits—some in jeans, T-shirt—casual wear from our dimension; others in tunics, pants, and boots. Some are armed with swords and knives, others with guns.
NARR: Not all Skadoians want this war—
NARR: —but they won’t run, not like DURANT.
NARR: They chose ME to be their LEADER.

5—Close-up on Connor as he smiles easily. He’s a little nervous, but he HAS to do this.
NARR: An outsider. The enemy.
CONNOR: Totally NOT ready, but if we’re going to do it…
OFF: Good luck, then.

1—Connor runs down the alley. Camera positioned in front of him. He’s determined, his face tense. In his hand is his sword.
NARR: I can’t help but think I won’t see some of those warriors alive again, and what makes them less important than my children?

2—Now we’re looking at Connor from behind, and we see the outer curtain wall surrounding the palace rise into the sky at the end of the alley.
NARR: I know the answer, but still…

3—In a vertical panel, Connor jumps up on the wall of the alley on the right hand side, then jumps onto the wall of the left, before propelling himself over the curtain wall.

4—Connor lands in the middle of the bustling yard, the curtain wall behind him, the keep in front of him. Small huts line the curtain wall—the kitchen, the blacksmith, the stables. The warriors are hard at work here, some carrying food, others helping horses. Lance has shocked them all, and they’re all looking at him as he crouches upon the ground, holding his sword.

1—Small cell, left hand top of page. A girl with long red braid points at Connor, shocked and scared.

2—An explosion of blue and white fire hits the curtain wall behind the crouching Connor.

3—As the warriors head toward the crumbling wall, Connor dashes toward the keep’s entrance, which has the stereotypical gate ready to drop at any moment. Just beyond the gate is the ashlar hallway in, which has a few steps, then a long hallway.

4—Connor stops just inside, glaring at someone we can’t see.
CONNOR: You?! What—

1—Lasantra stands on the top of the stairs, her eyes narrowed.
LASANTRA: Now? You’re going to do it TODAY?

2—Connor smirks.
CONNOR: When will you have me to it? After he’s DEAD?

3—Lasantra rolls her eyes, obviously annoyed.
LASANTRA: Come on. You’re most likely get LOST.
NARR: I probably would.

4—They come to the grand staircase (from FD#13) of the keep. It’s marble and turns upward and downward. Candleholders, a blaze with blue-lit torches, light the hallway. Greeting Connor and Lasantra is a pack of ashlings, all with blonde hair and ice eyes.

5—Shot of Connor, as if we’re the ashlings seeing him. He’s calm but wary.

6—The ashlings pull their swords and guns, ready to fight.

1—Lasantra lunges for them, her sword already swiping. Connor’s uneasy.
LASANTRA: GO! I’ll hold them off!

2—Connor runs down the staircase toward the basement, determined once more.
NARR: I briefly wonder why she does but decide not to peruse the thought.
NARR: It doesn’t matter why she’s SIDING with ME, just that she is.

3—The dungeon-like door opens a crack.
NARR: With the warning horns still shaking the foundation, I’m not surprised he’s coming to help.

4—Aramis’s flying back through the doorway after Connor hits him with a flying kick.
NARR: ARAMIS is the Skadoia’s second-in-command.

1—Aramis tumbles down the stairs into the cavern-lab from FD#13.

2—Growling on all fours, Aramis looks up as a sword edge taps his chin.

3—Connor smiles from behind the blade. Camera positioned like we’re Aramis looking up at Connor.
CONNOR: Hello, Aramis. I would have made an appointment, but your secretary wouldn’t give me one.

4—A staff knocks away Connor’s blade, sending him stumbling a few feet back.

5—Connor smirks, his sword up to parry.
CONNOR: Ah, well, if it isn’t the GREASE MONKEY who thinks he’s a DOCTOR.

1—Kalidas’s eyes narrow. He, too, is holding up his staff to fight. Behind him, we get a glimpse at his lab. It’s mad scientist-like with blue lightning flickering over machines, some mainframes, even a med table.
KALIDAS: What do you want, DAWSON?

2—Aramis stands now, pulling his blaster to bear.
CONNOR (off): What I want? Your third-in-command, Aramis, but I’ll settle for my sister back. And you can make that happen, can’t you?
ARAMIS: Settle? No one should ever SETTLE for Addy.

3—Connor ducks his head slightly, his eyes intense, his grin evil, as he slashes with his sword.
NARR: Exactly.
CONNOR: Yet you’ll let her?

4—Aramis now has his side to Connor, as if having evaded an attack but is kneeling the passing Connor in the stomach.
ARAMIS: She deserves what she has.

5—Connor coughs, holding his stomach. He’s about ready to collapse on the ground.
CONNOR: She deserves to be a slave to YOUR lord?

1—A tentacle grabs Connor’s wrist. He’s shocked and a little disturbed.

2—He’s pulled within inches of Aramis, their faces almost touching. Aramis is calm but annoyed, speaking fact. Connor is pissed.
ARAMIS: She deserves a KING.
CONNOR: She deserves to be HAPPY.

3— A zap of blue lightning sizzles across Connor’s chest; he flinches in pain.

4—Kalidas stands just beyond his smoking staff, glaring at the camera.
KALIDAS: No one could make her happy…except Durant.

5—Close-up on Connor’s face. He’s tense from pain, eyes wide and mouth slightly open.

1—Aramis extracts his tentacle-lance from Connor’s torso as Aramis’s hand holds Connor throat to keep him up.
ARAMIS: You have no conception of what you demand.

2—Aramis dumps Connor to the floor.

3—Connor, wheezing and cough, presses down on his bleeding side.
CONNOR: Durant…let her go. You…you were first…in a millennium…to make her love again…

4—Aramis has his back to Connor, whose hands now glow with white fire. Aramis doesn’t look at Connor. His own hands form fists.
ARAMIS: It matters little.

5—The white fire continues to burn on Connor’s hands as he pressed them to his bleeding wound. He cringes, in obvious agony.

6—Then, he sighs, sweat dribbling from his face. He’s still cringing but he can now talk.
CONNOR (weak): Today…do you know what it is…?

1—Aramis doesn’t turn from the lab but stops.

2—Sweat beads on Connor’s face as he growls, his eyes narrowed. His wound now has stopped bleeding, though it still looks painful and red.
NARR: Don’t pass out from the pain. Don’t pass out from the pain.
CONNOR: Today’s your SON’S birthday, Aramis. He turns fifteen today.
CONNOR (linked): WITHOUT his father. WITHOUT his mother.
CONNOR (linked): WITHOUT the crazed lab tech whose idea it was to set up a Riser with a Warrior.

3—Connor gathers his legs underneath him in an attempt to get up. He’s cringing. This is not easy.
NARR: Do NOT pass out from the pain.
CONNOR: I know you, Aramis.
CONNOR (painful): Agh!
CONNOR: I know you don’t want this.

4—Aramis begins to walk away again. All we see his back.

1—Connor is now on his feet, albeit unsteadily.
CONNOR: I know this. At night, my sister talks in her sleep. She used not to call for Durant. She used to call for YOU.

2—Connor’s now has his back to the Aramis as well. Kalidas is between them, staring at Connor to make sure he’s leaving.
CONNOR: I also know Ral’s half light and half dark. Funny that doesn’t know his light powers when he raised by his mother. Could it be his FATHER spent more time with him than we thought?

3—Connor now half-turns, like he’s had an afterthought.
CONNOR: Oh, and Aramis? Tell Bergener—Lance is Lasantra’s.

4—Back in the small apartment where Connor lives, Connor’s laying on the bed (we only see from his mid-chest up). He’s face up, staring at someone off panel.
LASANTRA (off): You did NOTHING.
CONNOR: I tried something.

1—Lasantra’s straddling Connor, both fully clothed, though she begins to unbutton his bloody and torn shirt. Connor’s looking at her like a lovesick puppy. Lasantra’s looking at him with a mixture of exasperation and love.
LASANTRA: He won’t help you.
CONNOR: HIS help I don’t need.

2—Extreme close-up on Lasantra’s hands as she touches Connor’s wound.

LASANTRA: I don’t need you. I USE you.

3—Connor, now holding Lasantra’s wrist, tugs her forward.

4—He’s now on her top of her, a loving smile creeping onto his face.
CONNOR: Good to know.
LASANTRA: …you’re ruining it.
CONNOR (linked): I know.

1—Connor’s face is buried in her hair.
NARR: The smell of burn wood and Antifreeze floods me.
CONNOR: Because I love you.

2—Close-up on Connor’s wound as Lasantra, under him, punches upward, hitting the wound.

3—Camera positioned as if it’s from the POV of someone walking into the queen’s chambers. An elegant bed with a blue and silver canopy/curtains takes up most of the room, while carved dressers and a black hearth ablaze with blue fire sit on the left hand side of the room. On the bed sits Addy in a simple but royal nightgown. She’s staring into space with her eyes tinted blue.
NARR: I had hoped that Aramis entered the queen’s chambers to see my sister’s current condition.

1—From the side of Addy, we see Aramis as he kneels before her, a sad, almost painful expression on his face. This is the woman he loved.
NARR: I hoped sadness reigned in his eyes when she didn’t see him.

2—Extreme close-up on Aramis’s hand as he cradles her cheek like a lover.
NARR: She didn’t know him.

3—Aramis leans in.

NARR: What I do know is that he took my advice.

4—Aramis kisses Addy passionately, though she doesn’t return it, her eyes open with a sparkle of blue still. (Aramis’s eyes are closed.)

1—Close-up on Addy’s eyes, now wide and shocked. They’re still blue.

2—Same as panel one but her eyes are now green.

3—Addy kisses back passionately as well, his hand and claiming his face for herself.

1—Addy pulls away, smiling down at Aramis.
ADDY: Hello, Aramis.
ADDY: Hello…my queen.
NARR: Because that’s what Addy told me.

The End


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