Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dick Grayson Study and NYCC

Hey everyone! It's a study of Dick. Unlike Tim's, where I used all pictures created by Marcus To, I used different artists's drawings as models for Dick. Here we have Dan Jurgens, Tony Daniel, Dustin Nguyen, Jim Lee, AND *drum roll* Marcus To!  Shocker. Originally, I had planned only to use Tony Daniel, Jim Lee, and Graham Nolan as my models for ALL my drawings. Wow, how things have changed!

Anyway, UPCOMING NEWS! I will be at Comic Con! I just got my weekend passes and all. Hope to see you there!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Robins

So, hey guys! So, I started drawing back in...oh, late July. So...whadda think? This is honestly the best I've done so far. It's done with your regular No. 2 pencil kids use in school and a sketch book. I followed models of Cliff Richards for Dick (ha!), Marcus To for Tim and Damian, and I don't know the cover artist for Red Hood #1, but that was the model! And what can I say about Jason? He just busted into this photo. I guess I should have added Stephanie, but I'm not up to drawing girls with frequency yet.

Soon to come--studies of Dick and Tim, and I'm hoping to get on Deviant Art!


False Dawn #9: Divide and Conquer or Aha! I was Right! Reger's Evil!

False Dawn #9: “Lights Out”
Part Three of Three: Divide and Conquer or Aha! I Was Right! Reger’s Evil!
Short Story Format
Devin Leigh Michaels


“Why?” Casia peeped. “Why us?”

Cramped in a small, crate-like cage that hardly allowed her dirty red head to reach to the top, Casia held her legs to her chest, trembling in the dark prison. She was soaking wet, her hair drooping into her eyes.

Next to her in a similar cell, a small hand reaches halfway between the cages. “Because in every darkness, there’s gotta be a little light.”

Casia buries her tear-stained face in her knees. “I don’t want to be their light.”

Reger sighs, and his pudgy face, all of eight, appears between the bars of his cage. “And we won’t be. Not forever. One day, you and me—we’re gonna get out of here.” Hope tainted his voice, and Casia raised her tearful eyes to see his hand. “And we’re gonna find us some heat.”

“One day?” Casia extended a burning hand toward his.

He finished the distance, and together, their hands burned a bright red.

“One day, hottie, we’re gonna find us some light.”

False Dawn #9: Comic Book Script

False Dawn #9: Lights Out
Part Three of Three: Divide and Conquer
Comic Book Script—Plot for 22 Page
Devin Leigh Michaels

I think the title says it all.