Monday, February 15, 2010

"False Dawn" #3: Consquence of Love Part Two

False Dawn #3: “Consequence of Love”
Part Two of Three: Necessity
Short Story Edition
Devin Leigh Michaels


The Platinum Forest is forbidden.

As it is, danger tempts none. The harmless shadows give no fear. Even the river basin, sliced by the sacred Brook of High Point, creates an oasis for the animals blessed by the light and for those foolish enough to enter.

Death exudes from the serenity that has survived more than a thousand years, and no one is stupid enough in Zenith’s Rise to commit suicide.

Except Griff.

He hesitates. And prays. And cries a little, though he will never tell Sabella that. The young, freckled teen will tell her how he dashed through the first trees like they were hurdles in a relay. He will tell her how he followed signs the best trackers would not have been able to see.

Of course, he will leave out how he abruptly skidded to a halt, his boot heels burrowing into the soft mud just before Brook of High Point that tears through the Platinum Forest.

He will be honest and tell her how he never expected to find his target. He thought he would actually die in the forest like all those who ventured before him.

Instead, as he gazes down upon the golden river at the bottom of the chasm, he sees a hearty man wading half-naked in the water, his shoulders built for a hard laborer with the scars to match the profession. He sees a set jaw and haunted gray eyes. He sees dark blonde hair and a heartless expression upon the tough face.

He sees his salvation.

Creeping down the incline, Griff misses a rock foot-hold and tumbles the rest of the way, skidding dirty and hurting to the man’s feet, as he now stands on the bank of the river.

Griff meets the man’s eyes, which are more demanding than his tone. “Are you stupid, knave?”

Griff nods. He will leave this out of his story as well. “Y—Yes, sir, but I had to come.”


“Lady Adeline and her brother Connor have been found.”

False Dawn #3: Comic Book Script

False Dawn #3: “Consequence of Love”
Part Two of Three: Necessity
Plot for 22 Pages
Devin Leigh Michaels

Skadoian Warriors are bad in the nighttime but in the daytime, too? Ral and company want a little space! Meanwhile, Lance finds out why reading the Horror-scopes is a bad thing when he gets some unsettling news from a Starweaver. And someone other than the warriors searches for the crew.