Friday, July 29, 2011


I read my first comic when I was ten. I’ve written novels, short stories, and even interned at DC in hopes of one day writing comics.

I won’t let this deter me.

Devin Grayson was the first regular female writer on any Batman series. There has never been a regular female writer on Batman (the comic).

One day I will be first.

Unless Gail Simone beats me to it.

Devin Leigh Michaels

How Do You Know 014

How do you known when you’ve read too many comics? (NEVER!)

When the Eisner Award holds all your “nerd dreams,” too.

Congrats to Mr. Synder and the crew of American Vampire and Vertigo.

(Less than a month to Baltimore!)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Do You Know 013

When do you know when you’ve read too many comics? (NEVER!)

When this is a dragon.

When do you know when you've read too many comics? (NEVER!)

When this is a dragon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

How Do You Know 012

How do you know when you've read too many comics? (NEVER!)

SPOILERS to Cap movie!

When you feel cheated that Bucky Barnes fell off a train and wasn't blown up.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Do You Know 009

How do you know when you've read too many comics? (NEVER!)

When you drop everything in your normal life, jump on a plane, fly two thousand miles, get off, drive another thousand and then stand on a four-hour line just to be inside SDCC for an hour. Just to buy a shirt. Just to get the buttons and posters. Just to be in the same room as Judd Winick, Marcus To, Francis Manapul, Eddie Berganza, Ian Sattler, Gail Simone, Tony Daniel, Dan Jurgens, Mike Marts, Grant Morrison, Fabian Nicieza, J.T. Krul, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, Mike Perkins, Barry Kitson, Steve Epting, Peter Tomasi, Geoff Johns, Cup o' Joe, and so many others.

Just to be there.

And then you do it all again the following year.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get them while they're hot!

If you haven't seen 122476's work and you're a DC fan, then you've been cheated. I've been teaming up with him the last month, and dude just rocks. See the photo above? Told ya he rocks.
Comissions are open. Get 'em while they're hot! Check out 122476's Web page and/or Deviantart for more details.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

False Dawn #19: Dog Fight

False Dawn #19: Out of the Pan
Part Five of Five: Dog Fight
Short Story Format
Devin Leigh Michaels


“Mr. Dawson?”

Who thought it was a good idea to go a few rounds with a freakin’ Amazon? Seriously.

“Mr. Dawson, can you hear me?”


I ready myself for Agent Towne as he lunges, Maidan’s Glory in my hand, but I don’t plan for the invisible force that slams into Kainoa and my backs. It sends us stumbling toward Towne, who with a single hand, pushes us back. We’re caught between two pieces of an invisible bread, and all I keep thinking is this is how PB and J must feel when Towne drops to the floor suddenly, Jayden behind him.

He narrows his eyes at Sierra, but the shock gives me just enough leeway to throw a shadow tentacle at her. Like Bergener did to me, the tentacle slashes through her shoulder, but I kick her to the ground.

“When are you going to realize, Sierra?” I demand. “Telekinetics are the wimpy kids in class. Telepaths rock.”

She kicks out my legs, but she leaps for the one person on the field who can stop her and the blue hoodies.


False Dawn #19: Comic Book Script

False Dawn #19: Out of the Pan
Part Five of Five: Dog Fight
Comic Book Script - Plot for 20 Pages
Devin Leigh Michaels

Twenty or twenty-two pages? Fabian Nicieza was right. It's really not that hard of a transition. It's just a matter of working the plot. (Maybe it have it vacuum for me...that'd be nice. Have the plot do something for ME for a change, not the other way around...)

As the Ral and his new misfit crew take on the Blue Hoodies, one Founding Father gives his life for the cause.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Do You Know 007

How do you know when you’ve read too many comic books? (NEVER!)

When you are chosen by your company to represent your department at a global gathering in Paris and you hope to catch a glimpse of Nightrunner, the Batman of France.

True story, guys! I'll be in France later this week! W00t! I only hope Aquaman doesn't decide to sink Europe while I'm there.

I'll be back later next week with Scions of Darkness #3, more cover art from 122476 (awesome dude! Check out his stuff!), and my "How Do You Know" Column, currently only on my Tumblr account!

See ya!