Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DF: Wards of Man Update!

Mau's still hard at work at the sketches/first pages, so here's the latest he sent me.

Sawyer Ryder is Kainoa's uncle and the Resident Gatekeeper, a head of the Defenders. He's only the third person to run the Gatekeepers who isn't Destiny, and he takes that responsibility seriously. He's tough but compassionate, and he has a soft spot for kids who were assassins, like his nephew Kainoa and his daughter, Mattie. This picture is subject to change simply because I'm not a fan of the crew cut. However, it actually fits Sawyer, so I'll probably leave it.

Here we have Mattie, Kainoa's cousin and Sawyer's daughter. She's slightly older than Kainoa and deadlier with her katana (hence why her name was Ravage). She grew up in medieval Japan like Kainoa, but she's adapted well to modern New Jersey. She's found a love of soccer, Chez Doodles, and family, though she still misses her former partner-in-crime, Edge, who was like her twin brother.

122476 is working on the first six pages, so I'll upload those when they come through. His birthday's this week, so send him a message at @122476 or on his blogspot account, http://122476.blogspot.com/, or just give him money by buying a commission! Do me a favor. Whatever you do, call him, "Grandpa."



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