Tuesday, January 12, 2010

False Dawn #2 Comic Book Script

False Dawn #2: “Consequence of Love”
Part One of Three: Hunters and Gathers
Comic Book Script - Plot for 22 Pages
Devin Leigh Michaels

An Immortal is an Immortal is an Immortal, right? WRONG! As Lances trains Ral both physically and mentally to survive the war, Casia employs the help of an oracle to find Ral’s parents. Oh, and oracles know everything there is to know…right?

Then don’t look behind you.

False Dawn #2: “Consequence of Love”

False Dawn #2: “Consequence of Love”
Part One of Three: Hunters and Gathers
Short Story Format
Devin Leigh Michaels


I’ve never been scared of the dark. Of course, there’s always the first time for everything.

A whip crackles against flesh. A strangled scream slices the silence, its force cut by pain.

I blink, and all I see is black, like a void sucking in the light, like when the Skadoian Warrior pulled me into his body.

Yeah…that was gross.

Gradually, my sight adjusts to the shadows, but it looks like I’m seeing through coke bottles. Room’s small, dark, damp—a typical cell but with smooth tiles. My hands wipe away some of the dirt—cobblestones? Okay, this just went from scary to freakin’ mind-blowing.

Where the hell am I?

Another crackle. Another scream.

I’m crouching in the corner, but my sight’s still not what it should be. A blurred body hangs with its hands above his head, chained no doubt. His torturer looks way too much like a ninja to be comforting and saunters around the prisoner, unafraid of losing his prey.

Then, through labored breaths, “Loser…”

I know that voice.

“I can keep this up longer than you.”

Oh. My. God.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ral’s Log: Entry 001

Ral’s new to the realm of immortals and otherworldly creatures, so he’s taking notes. Take a peek, and meet the characters of False Dawn through Ral’s own words.

Entry 001: Ral Dawson himself