Monday, March 12, 2012

Destiny's Fate: Wards of Man (proposed pages)

Art (pencils, coloring, etc.) by the Famous 122476
DF: Wards of Men was the original concept for the comic book that Mau, Taylor, and I are now completing. WoM was supposed to be a sequel to my novel, Destiny's Fate, but Mau thought if we were doing a comic, we should do it from the beginning. Hence, Destiny's Fate (no wards). Mau hates lettering, and my boss at IC Geeks, Noel, thought it would be great to break up the work.

Hence, how the DF crew came into being.

Above, see the first two pages of Wards of Men that were completed before we placed it on the backburner. God, I love those SFXs.

- Dev

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Destiny's Fate Update!

Mau's DF preview's happening. Here's a sneak peek of Destiny's Fate by Mau Vargas, Taylor Esposito, and me (Dev) - Later this week, I'll try to post some colored work to give Taylor's work some air.

The art rocks on this. (I'd say the writing does, too, but I'm biased. :) )

- Dev

Monday, January 9, 2012



Destiny's Fate got a re-work. I've dropped the Wards of Men from the back and am going forward with the comic from the beginning. I'm seriously excited about this because I've signed Mau, 122746, to pencil and formerly of the Marvel Bullpen, Taylor Esposito, to color and letter! It's going to be legend-wait for it because it's a story about time travel-dary! The script went out to Mau this morning, and we're hoping to have the book ready for C2E2, where I'll be manning the IC Geeks Publishing booth! W00t!

I'll have updates for the project as we forge ahead!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

How Do You Know 033

How do you know when you’ve read too many comics? (NEVER!)

When you see Bad Robot, you automatically think of Gates of Gotham.

"Lottery Drawing"-Two Years Later...

Brian Michael Bendis likened breaking into comics to winning the lottery. He felt so strongly about this that he gave up trying (I read this on Wikipedia, so it must be true!). Of course, I’m writing about BMB, so I think it’s safe to say Bendis got all six numbers and the Mega Millions ball (after tons of hard work!).

At the time I read BMB’s story, I agreed and feared the worse. No, not how many people don’t win the lottery every day but the fact that I have a better chance of being struck by lightning than breaking into comics. Moreover, it was December in New Jersey, and we really don’t have thunderstorms this time of the year. This week, I wrote a press release for IC Geeks Publishing (I’m the PR rep!) since we printed Brian Buccellato’s creator project Foster for the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. It was then I realized:

Experiment Status: COMPLETE.