Sunday, August 21, 2011

BCC2011 Recap and Experiment Update!

BCC2011 was amazing, and it totally isn't a comic convention without Darth Vader! I spoke with Mr. Mark Waid, Mr. Ivan Brandon, and Mr. Jamal Igle, and all were just really amazing gentlemen. I even brought Mr. Brandon's Nemesis: The Imposters, and he signed them! Considering the last three cons I only spoke to one person (Mr. Shane Davis), I take this to be a success.

Next up is NYCC! Cannot wait!

And gotta love getting up in the morning with a new avatar. Special thanks to Wolfram003 for her hard work on this - AND during the first week of college classes. You rock, girl!

Check out her work on her Deviantart site! Wolfram003's Awesome Art

Look, it's me - peeking over either contracts or my writing!


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