Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Ral’s new to the realm of immortals and otherworldly creatures, so he’s taking notes. Take a peek, and meet the characters of False Dawn through Ral’s own words.

Entry 001
Ral Dawson by Drake Tsui
Real Name: Raleigh Dawson
Alias(es): Ral; Page
Birthplace: Pequannock, New Jersey
Age: 14
Immortal Classification: Perishable
Creature Classification: Human
Known Relatives: Adeline Dawson (mother); Connor Dawson (uncle)
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Green

Great. This is the embarrassing part where I have to tell you my first name is “Raleigh.” Yeah, my mom apparently wanted a dork. To avoid that, I go by “Ral.” Anyway, I had a great life in New Jersey (Wayne to be exact). I played soccer. My mom was a doctor, and my uncle owned a bar in Hackensack (“Forever’s Run”). I worked at it, cleaning dishes, serving some brew, injecting vodka into the peaches. Yeah, I know you’re supposed to be eighteen to serve liquor and whatnot, but my uncle gave some off-duty cops some free beer, and they looked the other way. That was until these guys called “Skadoian Warriors” came and took Connor and Mom. I’m now hanging with Casia, a were-phoenix, and Lance, a reincarnated cursed immortal, who are also looking for my mom and uncle. We pretty much try to avoid the warriors, federal agents, mercenaries, and other immortals as much as possible while looking for where the Skadoian Warriors stashed my family. Oh, and did I mention the company we do keep? Oracles, sages, unicorns, shape-shifting dragons, and the like.

Please. Like your teenage years were normal.

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