Monday, March 12, 2012

Destiny's Fate: Wards of Man (proposed pages)

Art (pencils, coloring, etc.) by the Famous 122476
DF: Wards of Men was the original concept for the comic book that Mau, Taylor, and I are now completing. WoM was supposed to be a sequel to my novel, Destiny's Fate, but Mau thought if we were doing a comic, we should do it from the beginning. Hence, Destiny's Fate (no wards). Mau hates lettering, and my boss at IC Geeks, Noel, thought it would be great to break up the work.

Hence, how the DF crew came into being.

Above, see the first two pages of Wards of Men that were completed before we placed it on the backburner. God, I love those SFXs.

- Dev

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