Friday, November 11, 2011

How Do You Know and Updates!

From Young Avengers #3 by Heinberg and Cheung

How do you know when you’ve read too many comics?

When you hear the U.S. Senate panel passes repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, and you can only think—yay, Wiccan and Hulkling!

Apparently, I post How-Do-You-Knows and updates recently.

What’s up, down the pike!

I’ve put in an eight-page story (“Life’s Question”)  to an anthology, so I should here back on that before the new year. If it’s accepted, it’ll be drawn and published in Journeymen by ICG Publishing. If not, then I’ll probably get 122476 to draw it next year. He was supposed to draw this one, but I didn’t find out the contest until the last moment. He was kind enough to switch projects for me. Oh, and what’s his new project? Thanks for asking!

122476 is working on The Wards of Man, the sequel to my novel Destiny’s Fate (Told ya I’d get a better title). The Council of Order doesn’t approve of Kainoa’s decision to bring back Draven, the previous Destiny, and now they want to choose a new bearer of the time-altering power—Edge. Will Kainoa concede to his maniac older brother, or will he fight to death to keep that power that has been the Starbucks’s since time immortal?

122476 has currently agreed on the first six/nine pages of the first issue, so if nothing else, those will be uploaded here once they’re done. If there’s another enough interest, the entire five-book miniseries might reach fruition. We’ll see!

False Dawn #23 will be posted within in the next week, with the cover by—you guessed it! 122476! I do have Addy and Connor’s profile with art by Emily L’Orange to be posted soon, and Wolfram has also offered to do another piece for me. Both of those should be up sometime this month.

Thanks for reading!

Devin Leigh Michaels

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