Friday, October 21, 2011

How Do You Know 31 and Mini-Update

RH&O3 cover by superstar Kenneth Rocafort

How do you know when you’ve read too many comics? (NEVER!)

When you believe Red Hood and the Outlaws should consist of Red Hood, Red Arrow (not Arsenal), Red Robin, Red Star, the (but only if he goes by Scarlet Speedster), Scarlet Spider, Scarlet Witch, and Speed (because I like the character!).

I’m currently in talks with 122476 to do a short comic—six pages—featuring the cast of False Dawn entitled “Life’s Question.” If it doesn’t pan out, I’ll be posting the story along with a cover, probably drawn by 122476. If it does (yay!), I'll update you as the story progresses.

Also on the front burner is the sequel to my novel Destiny’s Fate. (FIND IT ON AMAZON!) I’m working on a five-book outline to do this sequel in comic form, not as a novel, which will not take longer in writing but definitely will take longer to produce. If all goes well, I’m looking to have it out late next year in comic book stores and potentially available online. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. Working title?

Sparklure Legacy: The Gathering

Yeah…I’ll get something less clichéd as the story develops.


Devin Leigh Michaels

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