Saturday, June 4, 2011

Extracurricular Activities

After watching White Collar commercials, I thought of a USA Network show revolving around Tim’s life as a vigilante and high school student. The working title would be Extracurricular Activities. When the narrator announced the characters, each one would have a snippet. Here’re Dick’s and Tim’s. Dick came off more “animated” than Tim, which was my original intension—just not that type of animated. Tim came off more…Klaus Janson. I also experimented with his hair a little. It's part Dick, part Jason, with a little Superboy (Clark Kent) thrown in there.

Totally working on Bristol now, and the pictures seem to scan cleaner now. XD! Next paycheck—looking at printers!

Current projects: finishing edits on FD#15 and brainstorming Scion Saturdays. Look for the latter later this summer. (Yes, totally on purpose!)


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