Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who I Want to Grow Up To Be

Hey, my first question! (*waves to SaphGem*)

Where do I get my inspiration, and who do I read?

My inspiration--I hate to use cliche answers, but right now, I'm sitting in training for my new job with the lights low. In front of me, model-straight blond hair sweeps the college's students athletic shoulders as she fidgets on her computer. She sighs and slurps her iced coffee, rolling her eyes as the dark shadow comes up behind her.

"Oh, Bruce, you think you have me?"

In one rapid movement, she's on her heels, pulling her batarang, only to stop inches from the attacker's chest. 

"Tim?" she asks, her batarang still heaved to stab. Buffy has nothing on her.

Tim pulls off his cowl. "Will people stop doing that? That's the fifth time this week."

Hey, I'm just the fly on the wall. Actually, "Steph" was a member of my class, but the point is: Inspiration comes from everything and everywhere. My mom walks with two canes (just like Tim does now--except she needs them), so the limp in "Jammed Hip" came from her plight. Raleigh's name is actually a take on my sister's nickname, Reigh. Your stories and your characters are here--you just have to find them.

As for writing/editing idols, I aspire to be (like) Judd Winick, Geoff Johns, Fabian Nicieza, Mike Marts, Jim Lee, Tony Daniel, Ed Brubaker, Chuck Dixon, and Devin Grayson. (THERE ARE TONS MORE!) I know many people didn't appreciate Ms. Grayson's tenure on Nightwing, but she's really paved the way for female Bat-Fans. She was the first  female writer on a mainstream Batman comic (Gotham Knights still remains one of my favorite comics of all time.) She is the only woman to achieve that feat.

So, I hope this helps. Trust me. As you keep on with your writing career, you'll learn what I have. There really is no such thing as writer's block. You just have to persevere.


P.S. Judd, please finish your "Long Shadows" twist! I really, really want to know! (Saying that as if Judd reads this...*laughs*)

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