Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Down the Pike!

Happy (Belated) Halloween, everyone!

NYCC has come and gone, and my ticket for SDCC hasn't been purchased yet (darn system failure), so I'm looking to head to Chicago and Boston this year, too! Busy, busy, busy! Anyway, this month, we're finally crossing over to Skadoia and seeing just what Connor and Addy have been up to there. I'm also relaunching RAL'S BLOG, complete with pictures of each character, so look for Entry One sometime next week! (Now that I've ventured to the world of mechanical and artist pencils, I'm addicted!) Next month we're going to packed with FALSE DAWN #12; ANNUAL, the FIRST; and hopefully a trip to the Marvel Universe with a little story called "Worth."

Stick around, guys. It's gonna be a blast.



  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while (LOVE False Dawn, btw), and uh, I hope this doesn't sound super-rude, but there appear to be some problems with the links to your fanfiction.

    Clicking the Batman/Nightwing link takes you to, (which doesn't have all your fic listed) instead of, which as far as I can tell has your most recent fic up. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I thought I'd let you know, just in case. Also, your link to "Baptism of Fire" doesn't work.

    Again, apologies if this is really out of line or rude. I'm not that familiar with blogspot, otherwise I would have tried to send you a personal message instead of a public comment, which probably would have been better...
    Erm, feel free to delete this comment. =]

  2. Hiya!

    Thanks for your comments! They were not at all rude, and I appreciate your concern.

    First, thanks for reading False Dawn. I’m glad you enjoy it! *squeals embarrassingly* Second, thanks for noticing the change of links. That was a conscious decision. On the DCU Message Boards, Fabian Nicieza writes that he tends to look down on fanfiction because he believes it leads to dogma. This blog and by extension my fanfiction page are my portfolio for becoming a writer/artist in the comic book world. I didn’t want all my fanfiction splashed across for Mike Marts or Eddie Berganza to read. So, I switched out the main Batfic page for one that only has the stories I believe are marketable in today’s DCU. However, if someone asks for something to read, I usually just send them the link, and they can read what they want.

    Also, “Baptism of Fire”—that story I always had the intention of posting (and it’s been done and beta’ed for more than a year), but my beta had a comment on one section—a conversation between Officer Harper, Dick, and his son, Tommy. I usually mull over ideas for a few days and then change my story, for I take all my beta’s comments to heart. However, I never really got a great idea for the change, so it never was posted. I will do within the next week!

    Thanks again for your comments, and I’ve never actually deleted a post other than my own. Everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion, and I respect that. BUT! I don’t see it here. I received the comment on my email, but…I’ll look into the settings of my blog. See where it went.

    Thanks so much for reading!