Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ral's Log Entry 004: Skadoian Warriors

Entry 004

Skadoian Warriors

Known Aliases: Those Shadowy Bastard Who Took Mom and Uncle (Adeline and Connor Dawson)
Birthplace: Skadoia
Immortal Classification: Various
Creature Classification: Shadow Demons

*shivers* The Skadoian Warriors are mercenaries from the dimension/realm/nasty place known as Skadoia. They seem to have two forms—a shadow one and a human-like one. Apparently, they can only be killed in their human form, which Lance seems to know really well. They also can steal power from the shadows about them, which makes them impossibly strong at night. It’s the main reason why Lance and Casia like to move during the day. They also eat light, which Casia knows since they stole hers, and they can kinda suck someone into their own shadow forms, which I know from personal experience. (If you haven’t read about it, don’t ask.)

Bottom line: Stay away from Warriors, and if you ever see one—well, most likely you’ll be dead.

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